SIMTech-NTU Joint Lab on Complex Systems
Block N4, B1a-01 | School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University | Singapore 639798

Management Committee Members

The Chair of SCSE

Prof. Ong Yew Soon

The Executive Director of SIMTech

Dr. Lim Ser Yong

Deputy Director

Assoc. Prof. Zhang Jie

Co-Director from SIMTech

Dr. Tan Puay Siew


Prof. Ong Yew Soon

Prof. Cai Wentong

Assoc. Prof. Ng Wee Keong

Assoc. Prof. Zhang Jie

Assoc. Prof. Kwoh Chee Keong

Asst. Prof. Erik Cambria


Dr. Tan Puay Siew

Dr. Li Xiang

Dr. Song Bin

Dr. Zhang Nengsheng

Dr. Luo Ming

Dr. Xu Chi