SIMTech-NTU Joint Lab on Complex Systems
Block N4, B1a-01 | School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University | Singapore 639798


Digital Manufacturing: Embracing the 'Factory-of-the-Future'
16 July 2014 - 5:28pm

The School of Computer Engineering teamed up with A*STAR SIMTech through a SIMTech-NTU joint laboratory to harness computational intelligence and complex systems technologies. The joint laboratory will address complexities in manufacturing operations and supply chain networks that will position Singapore as a "Factory-of-the-Future" and maintain Singapore's leadership as the master facilitative control hub for supply chains in Asia Pacific.

The joint lab deploys the Large Engineering Supply Chain Adaptive System (LesCaS), an NTU Licensed decision support and optimisation software designed for large scale logistics and supply chain management, and the Algorithm Development Environment for Problem-Solving (ADEP), another NTU patented system with a wide range of heuristics, mathematical programming tools and codes, and self-configured optimisers, in its research.

The 5-year SIMTech-NTU joint laboratory programme which is funded at $2.2 million (and supported by 20 PhD A*GA scholarships) and led by Prof Ong Yew Soon, Director of SCE Centre for Computational Intelligence, had attracted much industry interest. The research of the joint lab is aligned with SCE's research foci from Computational Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Multi-Agents Modelling and Simulation to Complex Systems Optimisation.

Two of the "Factory-of-the-Future" themed projects currently undertaken at the SIMTech-NTU joint laboratory are: "Master Facilitative Control Tower for Risk Management of Complex Supply Chains" and "Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing for Last Mile Logistics".

from CoEHESION by Dean's Office, College of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University - Issue 8, July 2014